Monday, August 21, 2006

of course life goes on. if u want to read about me, visit this site:

Friday, August 18, 2006

On day left. My mission has come to an end.
The End

Thursday, August 17, 2006

two days left.

i can feel the force surrounding me.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

just quickly, i don't have much time:
I've been to the natural history and the Victoria n Albert museums two days ago. natural history museum: packed with noisy kids, i wasnt in the mood for that. VnA: coool. the variety of the collection resembles the one in the british museum, but is obviously smaller. even though, in 2 hours i only managed to see 10 percent of the complete exhibition. what i saw: photographs, iron works, musical instruments. and there's a lot more!!! i can only recommend it. also, both the natural history m, and the VnA museum are hosted in beautiful buildings, worth seeing them!

yesterday i went to highgate -there's an old cemetery- but i just missed the last entrance. so today i went back and it turned out to be a good decision: it's "magical", indeed. i'll upload da pics soon!
but let's go back to yesterday: after not being able to enter the cemetery, i started walking around, there's this waterlow park with a cafe which has a stunning view (i had a cappucchino there today. in fact, two. and a walnut cake :) ) then still walkin without any aim, i wound up in hampsted heath. i was chatting with a guy around 60 -coz there was a stupid driver, who didn't manage to turn back the truck without destroying someone's fence, so the police came n i asked this guy what was going on. so we were chatting, i had a look behind me, and noticed a pond. one of the many in hampstead heath. i like wandering around. cool, i'nit? :)

i have three days and four nights in london.
no comment

may the force be with me...

Monday, August 14, 2006

hi all,
yesterday we moved out (in fact, only me, since Gosia visited her friend in Birmingham). well, binnie court is good, but if you asked me, which place i would choose to live in, i would fancy the private flat, in brockley, near hilly fields. with just two of us... however, our flat in binnie court is as if only two of us were living there, you can never see anyone. business interns...
anyway, as a consequence, we now don't have net, at the moment i'm sitting in the library, using the uni-facilities... so, probably i won't be able to make a note here every day (not as if i did so far). next sunday i'm off to my big journey, so again, i can't promise that i'll be able to upload pics, or leave messages. (i'll try my best)
yesterday i went to see the Chelsea Physic Garden. Chelsea is one of my favourite places in London, and i was happy to see some interesting flowers and plants.
on the other side of the river, the Battersea Park and the Battersea Power Plant are lying, providing nice views. on my way to the Battersea Park Station, all of the sudden the sky became really cloudy, it got dark in a minute. it was stunning to watch the dark clouds comin, bringing the shower. "Obscured by clouds". i got soaked twice... but i was happy.

today i will visit the natural history museum. still so many things to see.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

best Lithuanian beer i ever had (also the only one). BEER-LOVERS: U MUST TRY THIS: ŠVYTURYS EKSTRA

Friday, August 11, 2006

hahh, what a story.
as i already wrote it, Gosia's boss went crazy a bit, completely upsetting Gosia n me. basically, he was behaving rude towards Gosia, instead of telling her his problem. then on saturday he cut her hours all of the sudden, and on the next monday he told her a lot of stupid things. anyway, i got pissed off, and on the next day, i went there, told him that i'm pissed off with him, and gave his money back. well, he nearly exploded. to be fair, i have to tell that he was very stressed because of the works in his house, but any how, he kicked me out of his house. the next day he said to gosia to be friends again, and today, in the company of a beer, he acknowledged that his behaviour was not "appropriate" n i got my money back. i hope this is the end of the story.
i forgot sth: today he gave gosia 60 pounds, for us to go to a restaurant somewhere. i hope he won't mention it, when they'll have some problems in the future... maybe he is just a good guy, mortal, with mistakes, like us

ps.: the food was excellent, we had a good time

Yo, my little broth (ocsem :) ), check this out:

I guess the one on the left didn't turn you on much, but how 'bout the other one? Quite interesting. You can have a look - if I let u :)

This picture was taken five minutes away from the place where we are living at the moment.